Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rejection Letter Haikus

B Prompts is a writing collaboration by affiliates of the University of Houston Creative Writing Program including current undergraduate concentration majors, MFA, and Ph.D students, alumni, and faculty. Participants are asked to respond to specific writing prompts that inspire a new way of thinking about an element of writing. While our participants take their craft seriously, our prompts often encourage witty and humorous responses accentuated by visual elements. We seek to create work that is accessible and fun while honoring the potential of language, text, and image.

Rejection Haikus is the inaugural project of B Prompts and features work by Robert Boswell (University of Houston Creative Writing Faculty who has had two plays produced and is the author of three short story collections, two books of nonfiction and seven novels, the most recent of which is “Tumbledown”); Carol Cao (undergraduate concentration graduate ’15); Jennifer Lowe (Ph.D candidate and author of “Doe: A Lyric Novel”); Jeni McFarland (MFA ’16 graduate); David Stuart MacLean (Ph.D ’09 graduate and the author of “The Answer to the Riddle is Me”); and Nathan Stabenfeldt (MFA candidate). 

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