Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Poem by Mike Foldes


A swift current flows in my veins.
Salmon swim upstream, clearing
The rapids between heart
And lungs, fingers and toes.
Destitute, inside a box of planks,
I hide out from Main street,
Where fishermen will mistake me
For a runaway, their prime catch.
Spiders tickle my eyes under
Tired lids, their legs play octaves
On yellow ivory of the old piano.
Make no mistake, caterpillars
Caterwaul, grasshoppers drink
Green tea, and mysterious earth
Piles up in a ball floating famously
Through someone else’s inner space.
You are the ice cube in the glass.
We watch each other melt.

*  *  *

Mike Foldes is the founder and managing editor of Ragazine, an online literary magazine. He is also the author of "Sleeping Dogs, A true story of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping," and "Sandy: Chronicles of a Superstorm," with artist Christie Devereaux." 
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