Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy and Peaceful New Year from Polish Art Critic Szymon Bojko

Monday, January 30, 2012

THE FIX IS IN: a collection of poetry

TISH PEARLMAN, the host of the award-winning weekly public radio program “Out of Bounds” is also a poet. Her first chapbook “The Fix Is In” has been published by Finishing Line Press. This is a very personal collection that focuses on her 2009 open heart surgery experience. Two of the poems in her collection will also be appearing in the 2011 edition of “The Healing Muse.”
Dr. Diedre Nielson, who teaches at SUNY Upstate Medical University and edits “The Healing Muse” says of Pearlman's book of poems: “The Fix Is In” is not for the faint of heart; these are bold, passionate, and sometimes angry poems that describe the speaker's attempt to reclaim health and mind after a "routine" medical procedure goes wrong. Images of light and dark, fire and water transcend their usual metaphors and become their own doubles. A poem from the book “Vertigo” appears below:

I dodged the darkness
by the light of the
and the measurement
of breath
comes like a wave in a
in a mist
Is it a song?
Is the breath voicing
a hymn
to the power
of being fully a dream
in a dream within a
dream I sing I sing
and am tossed within
a swirling darkening darkness
as the stars by the light of the light
and bring me home

Tish Pearlman is a writer, broadcast journalist and activist originally from Manhattan Beach, California. She is currently the creator, host, and producer of the award-winning public radio interview show “Out of Bounds.” The program airs on NPR affiliates WEOS-FM and WSKG-FM in central New York as well as an affiliate in Wisconsin.
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