Thursday, February 6, 2014


a poem for Philip Seymour Hoffman

by Mike Foldes

All it gave, it took away.
Look what we have left,
ash of filmdom,
echo of smack,
a name, a face,
another day to think,
look back, and ask
“Could he have done
without it?” Or, “What
could he have done
without it?” All it gave
it took away and look,
look what we have left:
Philip Seymour Hoffman
off the hook.He’s not
the first, won’t be
the last, but fuck it all,
what’s the matter
that he couldn’t play
that out on camera,
instead of in a room --
alone, perhaps -- listening
to an inner voice declare,
“Cut! That’s a wrap.”

*  *  * 
Mike Foldes is the founder and managing editor of Ragazine, an online literary magazine.

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