Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ecliptic Awakening: Sasha Thurmond

Illustration by Sasha Thutmond
The beast
Within me broods in quintessential power and despair amidst my personal, and desperately driven chaos. Why do the hairs on my back strike heinous gashes only against an eclipsing sun when no one can see them?
My life as a free spirit is light years away from the tragic, and complicated one I fell into.
Horror fans my raging anguish and conflicted essence.
Can I fool my fervent darkness and yield to the light of day?

My captor says I can't. My condemnation is to live alone in misery.
But then, the opportunity to help other men, women or beast will be impossible.
Let the good in life transform me and through this selfless act, I shall help others
find redemption and joyful days toward infinity.

*   *   *

Sasha Thurmond is a graduate of the Cornell University MFA program where she majored in printmaking. She lives on a farm in South Carolina with her horse and other animals, and sometimes finds time to make art or write poems or stories.

*   *   *