Thursday, September 27, 2018

Lock Him In, Lock Him Out? Hmm. . . .

A Poem by Sasha Thurmond

Broken pipe beneath my house
Plumbers come to fix the spout

Snake they find behind the pipe
Four to six feet I'm a fright

Call to boss with their report
Quit the job till snake aborts

Pest Control he comes on out
Under house he scoots about

Says the snake had gone outside
Never see him till I die

Sprinkles dust around my house
Says all snakes will now stay out

What a very happy day
Lock him in, lock him out ? Hmm...

Plumbers come to try again
See the snake, they can not win

Take a break til pest man comes
Now the three compare and hum

Plumbers say that they'll be brave
Get the pipe fixed that same day

Now I wonder what to do
Snake is in, snake is out ? Hmm...

Pest man said to cut my grass
Spot a snake and kick his ass

Then I wonder long and hard
Snake in grass rang very far

The orange man could go ajar
Lock him in, lock him out ?  Hmm...

*   *   *

Sasha Thurmond  is an artist and writer who lives on a farm in South Carolina with her horse and other animals and who also finds time to write, paint, and take photographs. She is a graduate of the Master of Fine Arts program at Cornell University, where she studied with Steve Poleskie. 

*   *   *