Saturday, December 12, 2009

Review: Order of Protection: Nino Lama


In a perfect world there would be no need for lawyers; they could all retire and write books. But where would that leave the pretend lawyers who are now best-selling authors? perhaps in a fresh and crowded field. Nino Lama is a real lawyer, a trial lawyer, not just deeds, wills, and divorces. He has won landmark decisions, and had his life threatened more than a few times. And he writes books; vivid and accurate novels based on actual cases he has handled, and people he has known.

In his latest novel, “Order of Protection,” Nino’s father and son team of Vince and Mike DiMarco are plunged into a double mystery. When a longtime friend is served a order of protection, barring him any contact with his wife and children, the law firm also becomes entwined in his domestic life, a hell-hole full of adultery, addiction, embezzlement, and alcoholism. While on the other side of town, Vince’s trusted airplane mechanic is involved in a Federal investigation when a small plane he worked on crashes and its two passengers are killed.

Everyone in town seems to have their own opinion of what is going on as the two cases apparently become related; leaving Vince and Mike caught in the middle, and faced with the difficult task of getting to the bottom of things while trying to protect their clients.

As with Lama’s first two books in the Vince DiMarco series this book is fast-paced and well written and will keep you engaged, and guessing, right up until the very end. I do not hesitate to give it my highest recommendation.

Sidney Grayling