Monday, September 14, 2015

My Bat Story

Flash Fiction

Terry Mooney

I got home this evening around 8:30 pm after visiting a friend.
Ate a light supper, went online to check the weather, news, and
Facebook, then got ready for bed. That's when I noticed what
appeared to be a small bat on my bed. I observed it for a moment
and noticed no movement, and it appeared to be dead. So,
I donned a pair of latex gloves, and proceeded to remove the
deceased critter. I took hold of a wing, and to my surprise,
flap, flap, flap, flap, flap.....IT'S ALIVE! I didn't let go, but it
scared the heck out of me. After about 15 seconds, it stopped
flapping, and I took it outside, flung it into the air, and it flew
off "like a bat outta Hell" (as the expression goes). It must have
entered through the back door while I was unloading groceries
earlier in the day. Hey, where's Batman when you need him?

*   *   *

Terry Mooney is a retired NASA computer expert who lives in South Carolina, where he writes stories and works on his artworks. You can find him on Facebook. //

*   *   *

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