Saturday, April 4, 2015

gorky hanged himself in calder's tree

mike foldes

bill was drunk on virgin mojitos, while the rest of us worked our way through peroni and corona. it was a chill day on the cutting edge of warm enough and too cold to sit outdoors, but that’s where we sat, at the cuban cafe talking art and history. calder’s name came up and rick said something about a russian artist hanging himself at calder’s farm and calder’s daughter finding the body, and bill said, ‘wasn’t it gorky?’ and we all agreed, “yes, well gorky did commit suicide.” or did he? in connecticut or russia? by his own hand or stalin’s? at the time it didn’t seem to matter, but not knowing and needing to know has since become a passion. besides, gorky was a writer, not an artist. not that gorky, bill said, arshile.

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