Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Electric Fence

Circuit Board, computer collage, Sasha Thurmond, 2013
Flash Fiction by Terry Mooney

A FRIEND OF MINE has two dogs that keep tunneling under the fence of their 10 X 20 foot kennel to escape.

While reading the instructions for the new farm-animal electronic containment controller that I am preparing to install around the inside perimeter of their kennel I read: "For indoor use only!"


Now why should I need to install this electric fence inside the house? The farm animals are quite happy to stay inside the house without being contained.

I canter around the living room on my friends Friesian horse, jumping over couches tables and wide-screens, while the piglets are splashing and squealing around in the toilet, the cows are "udderly" spraying everyone with unpasteurized milk, the goats are crapping on the kitchen table, and the rooster is humping the hen.

I'll just add the dogs to the in house family and take the fence unit back for a refund.

*   *   *

Terry Mooney is a retired NASA computer expert who lives in South Carolina, where he writes stories and works on his artworks. You can find him on Facebook. //www.facebook.com/terrygmooney

Sasha Thurmond is a graduate of the Cornell University MFA program where she majored in Printmaking. She lives on a farm in South Carolina with her horse and other animals, and sometimes finds time to make art or write stories.

*   *   *

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