Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mike Foldes; Two Poems


i carry the past with me but i do not live in it.
i cannot shake it like a cold, it hangs on
like a hungry tick, sapping liquid from the tree.
all you who are inordinately reminded
of it square off now with your futures;
like the past, i, too, carry the future with me.
but i do not live in it. here and now,
the pleasant state of present unties itself
like the wine-colored belt of a velvet robe
falling open after a cleansing bath.
i carry the past with me; unlike the future,
it will always be there. but the present ...
it’s the present that takes my breath away.

Feeling DNA

I feel my DNA
chattering in the wind,
dry leaves at the ends
of bare branches,
and wonder in silence
at the depth and breadth –
the penetration –
of their serrations,
how far apart the tips.
Eva’s email arrives,
a newfallen leaf
at my tired feet
reading what she writes
of Miskolc, where
ten percent perished,
she being one of many
one of the few who remain,
promising to tell
“a lovely story”
of the second cousin
who converted, the seminarian
who got on a train to Belgium
to find safety
and died in Auschwitz;
of a growing concern 
with her command
of English spelling.
“That mottled leaf is yours,”
says the genomic tree.
This is a message caught
in the whorl of time
and things to do,
overloaded with hope,
exploding with wonder.
Is the experience unique,
will it be shared?
This look, that line.
A split second’s
understanding, then nothing.
That connection knowing
as it slips away.

*   *   *

Mike Foldes is the founder and managing editor of Ragazine, an online literary magazine.

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