Monday, July 14, 2014

Picasso Steps Up To The Plate

A poem by Mike Foldes

We are watching a video
of the master at work.
In as few moves
as there are letters in a line
he frees the dove of peace
from its transparent hiding place.
The narrator points out
that doves are pigeons, too,
with whom love blossomed
early in the artist’s life.

On closer examination,
the lines are minute script,
letters to mother and father
written in the language of Catalan
about a game called baseball,
and how great it would be
to hit the ball out of the park
on the first pitch of every
at bat, just as kindness
dictates taking down
the bull with the first
thrust of the sword.

Readers unfamiliar with art
or the artist’s late work
may not make the connection,
but the fat goat on the turntable
certainly will.

*   *   *

Mike Foldes is the founder and managing editor of Ragazine, an online literary magazine.

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