Thursday, June 27, 2013

How I Spent My Sunday

Terry shoveling in front of the barn
 flash fiction by Terry Mooney

You talkin' to ME? You talkin' to ME? You want to know how I spent my Sunday? No? Phooey on you,

I'm going to tell you anyway!

My friend's barn is at the base of a slight hill. When it rains, there is a stream of gushing water that pours through the barn and run-in. So, I am digging a water trench to divert the water to go to the side.

I am shoveling horse manure in a very hard torrential downpour and high winds, which lasted about 45 minutes! In my boxer shorts and crocks (the area is very secluded) so that I would have dry clothes for the drive home. And Tigere, the curious friesian, is following close by to make sure I did it right.

Not a pretty picture, but funny! We were laughing the whole time!

So, how was your Sunday?

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Terry Mooney is a former Senior Computer Control Specialist for NASA's Kennedy Space Center who lives in Aiken, SC

photo by Sasha Thurmond

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